Our applications for the week-long alternative breaks over winter and spring break are open! Please apply at https://usd-sa.terradotta.com/?go=AWOLaltbreak

The application process begins with the initial application that asks for basic contact information, trip preferences, and a few short answer questions. After that, each application is assigned a random number and a committee places participants on trips without knowing who they are. The participants will be notified of trip placement within a week.

Trip pricing:

  • Domestic Driving: $270*
  • International: $1400*

*These prices include the $50 administrative fee as per USD policy in addition to the travel cost.

Fundraising and need-based scholarship options are available for all trips.

Winter Break Trips:

First Session:

First session winter break trips will take place December 14th, 2018 through December 21st, 2018. Applications will open in August 2018.

  • Location: Houston, TX
    • Social Issue: Health
    • Site Leaders: Megan Feerick and Claire Hoogland
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
    • Social Issue: Education
    • Site Leaders: Jennifer Kenaston and Abby Rank
  • Location: Puerto Rico
    • Social Issue: Disaster Recovery and Agro Resiliency
    • Site Leaders: Claudia Schwebach and Rachel Severson

Second Session

Second session winter break trips will take place December 29th, 2018 through January 5th, 2019. Applications will open in August 2018.

  • Location: Nashville, TN
    • Social Issue: Affordable Housing and Food Insecurity
    • Site Leaders: Christian Pollema and Linze Cowman
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
    • Social Issue: Youth Development
    • Site Leaders: Madisyn Waage and Ashley Zimmer
  • Location: New Orleans, LA
    • Social Issue: Environment
    • Site Leaders: Morgan Osterloo and Calli Hensley
  • Location: Birmingham, AL
    • Social Issue: Addiction
    • Site Leaders: Bridger Irons and Kierra Determan

Spring Break Trips:

Spring break trips will take place March 2nd through the 9th, 2019. Applications will open with the winter break trips in August of 2018.

  • Location: Albuquerque, NM
    • Social Issue: Urban Poverty
    • Site Leaders: Taylor Gustafson and Sylvia Weidenaar
  • Location: Pine Ridge, SD
    • Social Issue: Rural Poverty on Reservations
    • Site Leaders: Morghan Byrnes and Madeleine Nelson

Summer Break Trips:

Summer breaks take place during the month of May. Applications will open with the winter break trips in August of 2018.

  • Location: Appalachian Trail
    • Social Issue: Conservation
    • Site Leaders: Ashley Brage and Sophie Beers
  • Locations: Chicago, IL
    • Social Issue: Violence Prevention
    • Site Leaders: Madison Miller and Drew Keuck