Allie Bio PicName: Allie Logan
Major: Health Sciences
Hometown: Sioux City, IA
Position on board: President
Why I love/got involved with AWOL: I honestly got involved with AWOL’s Serve and Learn because I wanted to move in early. I had done a lot of volunteering back home and wanted to continue doing that in my new home. What I discovered was an incredible network of people that are dedicated to serving not just their community, but the whole world. AWOL is passionate about immersing their volunteers into environments where they can learn about social issues while helping the people in those situations. With this model, learning about what people experience and even root causes of different issues becomes a reality for the volunteers. AWOL takes a service experience and makes it so much more. The knowledge that I have gained has pushed me to be more of an active citizen. So even though I didn’t realize how great AWOL was, it’s definitely been something that I have fallen in love with and am excited to be a part of this year!
Past AWOL experience: 2015 Serve and Learn Participant, 2016 MLK Day of Service, 2016 Pine Ridge Spring Break, 2016 Serve and Learn Site Leader, 2017 Pine Ridge Spring Break Site Leader, Executive Board Secretary

Name: Hunter BurnsAWOL Bio Photo
Major: Political Science 
Hometown: Russell, MN
Position on board: Vice President of Site Leader Training
Why I love/got involved with AWOL: I got involved with AWOL by participating in the Freshman Serve and Learn program.  From there, my enthusiasm to continue serving while at college grew exponentially.  I love AWOL because of its values and commitment to education, diversity, and application.  I believe there is a whole world that we have yet to explore, and it’s not always as positive as we would like.  I think many of us tend to ignore social injustices because we don’t see them in our daily lives, but AWOL is a fantastic way to change that.  Through AWOL, we get to experience these social issues first hand and bring our knowledge and drive to serve back to our community.  And of course, it would be a great injustice if I didn’t acknowledge the value of the lifelong friendships I’ve gained through AWOL.
Past AWOL experience: Indianapolis (Culture and Social Opportunity, 2016), Chicago (Education, 2017, Co-Site Leader), MLK Day of Service (2016), Heikes Farms (2015,2016), Freshman Serve and Learn (2015, 2016 – Co-Site Leader)

Hailey Purves Bio Pic (2)

Name: Hailey Purves
Major: Dental Hygiene
Hometown: LeMars, IA
Position on board: Vice President of Site Leader Training
Why I love/got involved with AWOL:  I love AWOL because I enjoy helping people reach their full potential. It’s nice giving back to others when I have been so fortunate in my lifetime.

Past AWOL experience: Trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, Trip to Orlando, Florida, Site Leader to Detroit, Michigan, Director of Food Recovery Network, Site Leader to Orlando, Florida / Dallas, Texas

Christian Bio PicName: Christian Pollema
Major: Biology & Communication Studies
Hometown: North Sioux City, SD
Position on board: Director of Community Events
Why I love/got involved with AWOL: I love AWOL because it gives students the opportunity to grow through service. The best part about the organization is that it allows for involvement in Vermillion, across the country, and internationally allowing participants to learn about their own community as well as cultures and issues that they may never have encountered otherwise. My experiences with AWOL thus far have been some of the most educational and fulfilling of my life, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of them take me.

Past AWOL experience: My first AWOL trip was to New Orleans, LA with the social issue of the environment. Since then, I have volunteered in various service projects around Vermillion and will be leading the 2017 MEDLIFE trip to Tena, Ecuador. I will also be co-site leading the trip to New Orleans over winter break 2017.

Name: Luke SmithPicture of Me
Major: Medical Biology
Hometown: Groton, SD
Position on board: Secretary
Why I love/got involved with AWOL: I love AWOL because my AWOL experiences have opened my eyes in many ways to the world around me. AWOL inspires me to become more engaged in my community and to learn about the many different issues that affect people in the US and elsewhere. I also value the many friendships I have made through AWOL.
Past AWOL experience: 2016 Spring Break Trip to Rosebud, SD; Site leader for 2017 Spring Break Trip to Springfield, MO

tameeName: Tamee Livermont
Major: Native American Studies and Medical Biology
Hometown: Martin, SD
Position on board: Director of Finance and Fundraising
Why I love/got involved with AWOL: I love AWOL because it offers an opportunity that no other campus organization has. I am able to travel across and out of the U.S. over breaks in order to help those less fortunate. The opportunity that AWOL has allowed me has shaped me into the person that I am and will be for the rest of my life. The experiences that I have had through AWOL will definitely be some of the highlights of my time at USD.
Past AWOL experience: Cairo, Illinois Summer 2016, Guatemala Winter 2016, Site Leader Appalachian Mountains Summer 2017, Site Leader Minneapolis Winter 2017

Name: Marisa Helmpic (2)
Major: Medical Biology
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Position on the AWOL Board: Director of Food Recovery
Why I love/got involved with AWOL: AWOL has offered me the endless opportunity to learn, observe, and grow as a person. The experiences and education that this organization strives to provide are ones of importance. I have met so many new people both here at USD and out on the trips. I am excited to be a part of AWOL!

Past AWOL Experience: Participant to Omaha, NE weekend 2016 and Pine Ridge spring break 2017!

Kim BIo PIc.jpgName: Kim Albracht
Position on AWOL Board: Advisor
Position in the CAGE: Assistant Director, Academic Engagement
Hometown: I don’t really have one anymore, but I do have a home state: Nebraska! (Grand Island is where I spent most of my pre-college years.) Vermillion has been my home since September 2015.
Why you love AWOL: Civic engagement is an extremely important skill for people to develop. Like exercise, it’s something that can become habitual if we make the effort. I find it exciting to see and hear about how AWOL experiences have helped so many USD students in their journey towards active citizenship. It feels great to know that many AWOL alumni will carry these experiences into the communities they become part of after graduation.
What are you most excited about for next year? Alternative weekends! This year the AWOL board has a vision aimed to increase skill development of our alternative weekend site-leaders and create stronger community partner ties in Vermillion and the surrounding communities.