On Friday October 15th, 14 students from USD attended an AWOL Alternative Weekend trip to Okoboji, Iowa. USD students were able to partake in volunteer work at a Humane Society and Camp Okoboji. The participants were able to experience a wide range of volunteer work from these two places. The volunteer work that took place at the camp consisted of stacking wood, cleaning tables and chairs, picking up shingles, cleaning ceiling fans, sweeping floors, moving tables, and picking up branches. From the Humane Society, USD students walked dogs, cleaned out dog kennels and cat cages, swept and mopped, and put together cat homes. Participants stayed at Camp Okoboji in a cabin and were provided with home cooked meals for lunch, breakfast, and supper.
            Site Leader Gina Soukup shares, “Our experience in Okoboji was incredible! The coordinators from the Humane Society and Camp Okoboji were both grateful that we were able to come and help them out. They were appreciative of our help and asked for us to come back and thanked us many times. Overall, the weekend went great for the USD students.”
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