Yesterday the site leaders for this year’s winter and spring break trips and some of the AWOL board members went out to Heikes Farm to do some service! We pulled weeds, picked a variety of fruits and vegetables, and learned about our local family farm.

Site leader Hunter Burns (leading the winter break Chicago trip) reflects, “Helping at Heikes Family Farms with my fellow AWOLers was a truly rewarding experience. It’s awesome to be able to impact the community and to know that the work you did will benefit many individuals and families.”

Site leader Kennidy Asche shares, “It was such a privilege to go out and work at Heikes Farms today with the rest of the AWOL leaders. We had the opportunity to enrich ourselves in the work and mission of their program which involves providing fresh organic produce to the surrounding community. Their impact on Vermillion alone is significant and spreading all the time as their education endeavors continue to grow. While many would not find pulling weeds or collecting vegetables a glamorous affair, it embodies the purpose of AWOL. We aspire to provide students with experiences that support the fostering of relationships, an education on some kind of social issue, and the ability to partake in active citizenship. It is not so much about the type of service you do, but rather about being part of something bigger than yourself.”

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