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Location: Dallas, TX

Site Leaders: Allison Kellen & Sage Kipfer 

Community Partners; City Square & Senior Care Health & Rehabilitation Center

City Square: We created hygiene and food packs, worked at a thrift store, and a food pantry. Homelessness is a huge issue in Dallas, and City Square strives to help them in every way possible. We did various jobs at the thrift store such as pricing clothes and putting them out to sell, and even helping haul in donations from trucks.The really awesome thing about the thrift store was that all of the profit made there went towards the food pantry. At the food pantry we helped people get their groceries. They have a pound limit because the food is free and it was our job to help load their shopping carts and weigh the cart for them! 

Senior Care Health & Rehabilitation Center: We were charge of leading actives with the residents in the afternoons and just spending time with them. Some of the activities were hot potato, coloring, painting, and many others!

What we took away from our trip to Dallas was to appreciate the small things in life. We could also all agree upon taking a new perspective on homeless people and ideally seeing the good in everyone. The Senior Care Center we volunteered at was very low income and not in the best of condition, but that did not stop us! Not only were the residents and workers happy we were there volunteering our time, but we were as well!

-Sage Kipfer, site leader.