On November 6th-7th the Alternative weekend trip was to Omaha Nebraska, working with the homeless.  The first night the students stayed at the Turning Point. This was a nice dorm like setting in Omaha. Many groups that volunteer or do mission trips stay at Turning Point. On this trip students volunteered at the Open Door Mission in Omaha NE, specifically in the Out Reach Center. The Out Reach Center is set up like a Good Will except the individuals that come through get to shop for free but only once a month. At the Out Reach Center students helped by organizing donated items and restocking them onto shelves. During this experience students got the chance to also interact with the individuals coming through to shop. Some examples were helping them carry items and loading their vehicles. Some students also got the chance to fill out forms for the individuals that were coming in. Filling out the forms would help the staff at the Open Doors Mission in the long run because all the information on the forms would be put into their computer system for records. Lastly, the students got a presentation about the Open Doors Mission and some of the statistics of homelessness, following with a tour of the Open Doors Mission Campus. Overall the students had a great time and look forward to other alternative weekends here at USD!!