What is AWOL’s Earth Day of Service, and why is it important?

This past Saturday on the 25th of April, a fantastic team of individuals went out and made a difference in the Vermillion community, one service project at a time. From planting flowers, weeding community gardens, and maintaining playgrounds, our volunteers took four hours of their day to help the community prosper. Why is this important? AWOL believes that every service that is accomplished, no matter how big or how small, makes a positive impact on the community and helps individuals grow.

Starting off the day, the gang met up at the MUC at approximately 12 p.m. to rally and prepare for the day of service ahead. Split into groups, members were sent to help the Vermillion Area Community Garden, SESDAC, the Newman Center, USD Children’s Center, and St. Agnes.  With each weed plucked, leaf raked, and flower planted, volunteers showed that they believe in service and sustainability in Vermillion.

IMG_4254 IMG_4256 IMG_4242

How can one get involved further?

For further volunteer opportunities, contact us if you would like to learn of other ways to serve your community!