As the year quickly comes to an end, several student organizations are in the process of selecting new leadership for the upcoming year and saying hasta luego to students moving on to bigger and better adventures. This week, AWOL is no exception. On Tuesday, March 31st, spring break participants, site leaders and board members, along with our newly accepted summer break participants, will meet in order to share, reflect and get excited for the upcoming summer trip to Appalachia. The students that served during their spring break will be participating in what AWOL and the Alternative Break Movement refers to as “Reorientation.” Reorientation allows volunteers and active students to come together a few weeks after their week-long service projects and check in with each other about their post-trip thoughts, their journey along the active citizenship continuum and to remind each other about the importance of bringing tsalt lake city 4he lessons they learned during their trips back to their communities. It is also a time ingest fabulously catered campus snacks and beverages.

In addition to the Reorientation event this week, AWOL Leadership Applications for the 2015-16 year have officially opened. Students can apply for both Site Leader and Executive Board Positions. The current Board has been working very hard to adjust expectations and create a strong, cohesive Executive Board model to lead AWOL beyond where it has ever been. According to the new bylaws, starting next year, there will only be five Board positions, as opposed to eleven. Spots include, President, Secretary, Co-Directors of Alternative Events and Director of Fundraising and Finance.

Don’t fret, however.

Although getting yourself into a coveted AWOL Exec. position is now more competitive than ever, Site Leader positions are plentiful. AWOL is ready to expand beyond it’s wildest imagination and to do so, we need YOU! We want THIRTY, that’s right, THIRTY Site Leaders next year-more than we’ve ever had in the past.

So if you want in, even if you’ve never been on a trip, stop by our Reorientation event this Tuesday (7pm, Neuharth Media Center), enjoy some chex-mix, and talk to some of our current board members, like yours truly (Ashley McKeown, President of Operations), and we’ll get you the inside scoop on how to become part of the best organization on campus. 😉

And finally, I’ll leave you all with a hashtag (because we ARE hopping with the hippest of them) that can only briefly capture the eloquent and profound rap that our Grad Advisor made up on her most recent AWOL trip:  #GoAWOLGoAWOLGoAWOLGoAWOL