Today we worked with our new friends from the community to move, stack, and sort a lot of firewood! We began our morning by loading wood from a tree that was cut down previously while a few others bailed out a barn that has been flooding with water from the melting ice and snow. The rest of our day was spent loading wood from trees that were being cut down with a fantastic assembly line. On part of our trip to the “forest”, we experience the first of what we lovingly refer to as “farm motion sickness” due to the bumby roads and fields that we endured in the back of pickup trucks. Because the weather was so warm and wonderful today, the ground melted and got really muddy. So at the end of the day, we had the great excitement of pushing out a tractor and trailer from the mud in a field! We are loving the kind and welcoming Camphill community and are looking forward to Day 3! ‪#‎GoAWOL‬