Callen Campagna, Sophomore

Mary’s Place is a center for single women and families with children who are homeless or are in need. Not only does this place offer basic needs such as toiletries, showers, and a hot meal. But a day-care center, classes relating to finances and finding jobs, and a place to form real relationships with others. The center is open on weekdays and begins their day with meals for whoever comes in. The organization process is incredible, and makes for an ease of transitions within the place. Each employee is dedicated to the people they’re helping in the most selfless form. AWOL got the opportunity to begin our service trip there. We were able to participate in their morning stand together, meet people, and serve where directed. I was able to help behind the front counter. I began organizing diapers and making baby wipe bags for the mothers who would soon be entering the facility. I then became comfortable enough with my surrounding to answer phone calls, schedule showers and laundry units, and grab basic needs for each person who would approach the counter.

This experience was nothing short of amazing. It was an eye opening opportunity that let us dive into the issue of hunger in Seattle. Had it not been for Mary’s Place, I wouldn’t of been able to meet such an awesome staff who are as dedicated as I am to helping the needs of a local community.