We have been crazy busy volunteering at Give Kids The World. We are all over the place from serving ice cream, to delivering pizza, to running a carousel, and helping the Wish Families place their star in the castle where it will stay forever! We have met some amazing volunteer groups and have learned many lessons from the various families here. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience and we couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to help make these families happy!! Lauren Schurr said, “Volunteering at Give Kids The World is such an uplifting experience. Seeing the kids’ smiles and their families appreciation for our help is heart warming. It’s great being able to assist in making kids’ dreams come true.” Kristen Pollema said, “Helping take pictures of families with Mickey was awesome. I was able to talk with and interact with the families. Also, working at the Castle of Miracles was exciting to see the kids’ faces as they watched Stellar (the star fairy) take their star, find their pillow, or slide in the tree.” We look forward to sharing all our stories with everyone when we return!